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How to Access the Homeowner Portal

Posted on July 26, 2017

At ACM Community Management we pride ourselves on our customer service and our web based services that help us serve our clients efficiently. If you are currently a new homeowner in one of the associations we manage, or maybe your association just switched to ACM Community Management, you may not be aware of how to access the Homeowner Portal on our website The Homeowner Portal is a convenient feature available to all titled homeowners in the communities we manage. Unfortunately, it is not available to tenants or residents that aren’t titled owners. This service allows our homeowners 24-7 access to make payments (learn more here), look up association documents (learn more here) and connect with your community, just to name a few examples.

When we begin managing a new association each homeowner will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail that includes instructions on how to sign up on the website. However, if you misplaced that letter or are having trouble registering, this article should be able to assist you. When you go to you can access the Homeowner Portal by clicking the “Sign-In” arrow in the top right corner of the page. Please note our website will display differently on a cell phone or tablet and some features will be inaccessible.

Once you reach the sign-in page you will have two option, sign-in or sign-up. If you have never been on the Homeowner Portal you will need to sign up for a personal login. Please note that it is very important to enter your name, address, etc. how it appears on your coupon book or statement. For example, if your legal name is Jonathon but you put John in the field it will not be able to verify your information with the database and will give you an error. If something is spelled wrong let us know so we can get it fixed for you. Also on your coupon book or statement your account number will show up as 00012345 but you should only enter 12345 in the field.

If you own multiple properties in the communities we manage, you can only use your e-mail address as a login once. You will have to either use a different e-mail address or create a username such as JSmith. If you don’t want to try to remember multiple logins, you can link multiple accounts so you can switch between them. If you have trouble doing this one of our Customer Care representatives can assist you with this. Our Customer Care department is here to assist, Monday through Friday by phone or e-mail, from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.

If you just recently purchased a home in a community we manage, you won’t have access to the Homeowner Portal right away. First you would need to send us legal documents from the closing proving you are the new owner. Acceptable documents include Master Statement, Closing Disclosure, Settlement Statement, HUD-1, or Recorded Deed; they can be e-mailed to or faxed to our office at 630-935-5189. Once we receive these documents we will need to create a new account for you and that can take 24-48 hours for our website to pull the new information from our database. If you have any questions or trouble accessing this great feature do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department and our team will be happy to assist you.

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