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About our Chicago Community Management Corporation

Here at ACM Community Management, we believe in providing exceptional community management services to TOWNHOMES, HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS, CONDOMINIUMS and vintage buildings throughout Chicagoland.

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of community property management, but particularly in the responsible way we manage our Client’s business, in accurately performing their collection and financial management services, in planning for the future and in providing a level of customer service that cannot be surpassed by any other Chicagoland community management group.


ACM is dedicated in providing exceptional community management services for townhome, multi-story condominiums, homeowner Associations and vintage buildings. By offering innovative and cutting edge services that can be custom tailored, we ensure your association is managed to the highest standards of excellence.

ACM Portfolio

With over 190 properties that we service in the Chicagoland area, we provide professional property management services to all types and sizes of Communities. We are proud of our Portfolio and look forward to getting to know your Community.


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ACM is dedicated to providing education and resources to those living in our community associations. Please see below for the latest news and tips available.

Chicagoland Community Management Services

ACM Community Management offers innovative and cutting edge services that can be custom tailored ensuring your association is managed to the highest standards of excellence. Our services include:

  • Community Management - We provide only the best community managers, who are experienced, knowledgeable and who truly enjoy professional community management.
  • Customer Care - Our customer care approach provides high-quality, professional service 24/7. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., our highly trained and friendly customer care representatives are the face of your townhome or condo complex. After hours, residents will be connected to a property manager, who triages needs, submits emergency requests and handles matters promptly.
  • Online Services - Our "Smart Web" portal will help your association build a robust online presence that's as useful to your community as it is easy to maintain. From dedicated "board only" features that let your committee members, board members and stakeholders access important documents 24/7, to bulletin boards or a Frequently Asked Questions page that presents important information, our online services provide your community members all the information they need in a convenient and secure online portal.
  • Financial Services - Our financial services put all of your financial information at your fingertips, allowing you to make the best decisions. Whether it's browsing monthly financial reports, following up on overdue assessments, or managing bills electronically, you'll love our financial services.
  • Professional Maintenance - Our professional maintenance services keep your premises clean, provide seasonal and preventative maintenance, and respond to resident requests for service.

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ACM Community Management serves more than 190 owner-occupied properties throughout Chicagoland; and we are currently accepting new clients. To speak with us about your community's needs, and get a quote for service, please CONTACT US TODAY. We look forward to learning more about your townhome, condominium, HOA or vintage building and helping you reach your goals.

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