Case Study #1 | Less Than 30 Units

Case Study | Amadeus Court Condominium Association

How did you originally hear about ACM Community Management?

After dealing with a truly sub-par management company, we (board) researched all applicable management companies within the Chicagoland area with a preface on:

  • Accounting accuracy – internal accounting versus third-party
  • Access to vendors
  • Overall concern for its owners, up to and including knowledge-based material via a centralized portal

After the interviewing process, we were sold on ACM. They meet all of our needs. 

Why did you choose to acquire ACM’s services?

We needed a company with vast resources and professionalism to revive the building we reside in. There were ‘several’ issues that needed immediate attention, and we felt that ACM was up to the task of resolving them.


What are most important/useful services ACM providing you?

Access to professional, bonded contractor(s) and a direct contact to which we could go through at ACM to help resolve ALL of our building’s issues, are the most important to our community.


Is there anything that sets ACM apart from other management services you have tried or know about?

Easy to work with – our (ACM) representative, Peter, has provided us with excellent service. Checking /documenting issues within the building that require addressing and communicating back to us-or- taking care of them before they become out of hand. Peter was also instrumental in acquiring a line of credit through InLand Bank; this allowed us to repair the roof/ garage roof of the building. Something we were unable to do without his due diligence. Note, this was all done without any maintenance fee -or- special assessments.

The building’s web portal – this is perfect for the number of non- resident owners who are unaware of the work being some on the building, as well as, some of the process changes – it acts as a perfect venue to keep communication at the forefront. Not a lot of management companies provide this feature.


ACM Rating

ACM’s responsiveness to phone questions/concerns

  • Highly Satisfied

The cost of ACM’s services

  • We ‘re on the ‘small ‘end of the building spectrum and the cost can be quite a bit at times —but we understand, the cost of doing business

Online tools/software provided by ACM

  • Highly Satisfied

Maintenance vendor used by ACM

  • N/A -we are using the maintenance person prior to ACM
  • With regards to outside vendors recommended for tasks around the building: Highly Satisfied

Reports provided by ACM

  • Highly Satisfied -we receive ‘monthly e-Reports’

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