Prospective Client FAQ
Prospective Client FAQ

How does the StrongRoom™ Electronic Bill Payment System Benefit the Board?

With all invoices scanned into the StrongRoom™ system, invoices are available to be viewed by the Board 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, allowing for secure approval from any devise with internet access by the Board appointed approver(s). It’s as simple as clicking a button. This program allows every action taken on invoices to be followed, including approvals, rejections and dates action was taken and reports to be generated from this information. This process saves on mailing and check costs.

What is an E-Report?

An E-Report is an electronic report that follows a property inspection. It includes digital photographs and reports to the Board the condition of the grounds, vendor performance, rule infractions, maintenance issues needing to be addressed, legal updates and any outstanding issues from the yearly management plan.

How Does ACM Community Management Help the Board Plan for the Future?

Part of ACM’s management responsibility to the Board is to help the Board develop a vision for 3, 5 or even 10 years down the road. Each year, ACM will put create a calendar which will highlight, by month, items the Board should be attending to, including a review of your reserve study. A reserve study estimates the life-expectancy of major components of the Association and is performed and compiled by a licensed engineer/architect. A current reserve study and feedback from the Board on your priorities are essential for ACM to be able to provide sound financial planning advice for the future funding of capital projects.

How Does ACM Community Management Handle Soliciting Proposals on Behalf of the Association?

ACM has a list of reputable, proven vendors in many areas of expertise. When ACM goes out to bid, a set of specifications are provided to the vendors and they are asked to bid the work as stated. When the bids are returned, we have an individual in our office that compares them to these specifications and puts together an apples-to-apples chart, called a vendor cost analysis, for the Board’s review and action. After a vendor is chosen and the work is completed, a follow-up is done with the Board to ensure your satisfaction with the vendor who performed the work.

How Does ACM Community Management Help a Board with Delinquencies?

Once ACM takes on the management of a new association, we work with the board to develop Collection Procedures that are appropriate for your community. This will be the guide that ACM will use to address delinquent accounts. Delinquent owners are monitored by our Accounting Department on a monthly basis and every delinquent account is reviewed and handled according to the association’s collection procedure. Typically, ACM would recommend a 10-Day late notice be sent to delinquent owners prior to turning the matter over to the association’s attorney. The property manager and the board are kept apprised of each collection matter throughout the collection process.

Can ACM Help Educate Our Board Members?

ACM is not only committed to the continuing education of our licensed managers, but we are also very dedicated to assisting all Board members in growing as responsible Board members. ACM supports the educational opportunities presented by the Association of Condominium and Townhouse & Homeowners Associations (ACTHA), the Community Associations Institute (CAI), various law firms and other organizations. ACM also sponsors, on a quarterly basis, educational seminars for current client Board members and non-client Board members alike. These are presented at various locations to accommodate our clients. We believe that an educated Board member can only assist us in the operation of their community. ACM can also tailor specific topics to an individual Board, should they so desire.

Homeowner FAQ

When should I call Customer Care and when can I reach them?

Our Customer Care associates are available Monday thru Friday, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, live in our Downers Grove, Chicago and Roselle offices. Our associates are equipped to answer almost all of your questions regarding your account and your community. If they can’t answer your question immediately, you should expect a returned call or email within 48hrs. Some of the common questions they answer are: What balance do you show on my assessment account? Can the snow contractor plow the driveway by my unit? Am I responsible to water my grass? When is my associations’ next Board meeting? You can reach us at 630-620-1133. Many answers can also be found by logging into your account.

What Information is Available on Our Website?

The web-site that is provided to your association is valuable and useful, for many reasons. When ACM first takes over a community, a welcome packet is sent to all homeowners. Contained in this packet are instructions on how to sign up to use the web-site. Once you have signed into the site, you can access information about your account, make assessment payments, change your contact information and view all of the association documents that the Board has requested to be put on-line, such as; the Declaration and By-laws, the Rules & Regulations, the minutes of Board meetings, community events and announcements, and so on. You can also submit work orders through the web-site. Your website is also integrated with other ACM systems for across-the-board continuity.

How do I appeal a violation?

To appeal your violation or if you have received a letter in error please submit a written appeal by mail or email or you may request a hearing with the Board within fourteen (14) days of the date of your letter. Submit the written request to ACM Community Management, 3041 Woodcreek Drive, Suite 100, Downers Grove, IL 60515 or email it to Please be sure to include, your name, address and reason for dispute. Please indicate if you wish to be placed on the agenda for a hearing at the next Board of Director's Meeting.

What means are available for me to pay my assessments?

There are several ways that you can pay your assessments to your association. First of all, you can pay by check, using a coupon provided, to the lock box. Secondly, a check can be dropped off at one of the ACM offices, Downers Grove or Roselle, during normal business hours. Through the web-site, you can set up direct debit of your account, which is done on a regular basis depending on when your assessments are due. In most cases, this direct debit occurs on the day that the association’s late fee takes effect. You can set up an ACH transfer thru your bank. You can even pay by credit card, although there is a charge for this through the credit card service provider. You cannot pay your assessment with cash.

What should I do if my account becomes delinquent?

If your account becomes delinquent or you are unable to make a payment per your association’s schedule, the best course of action for you to take is to contact Customer Care and have them get a message to your Manager. Even though your Board has a collection policy in place, they can instruct the manager or attorney to come up with a plan that will assist you and be fair to all the other homeowners. Communication is the key. If your account is late and sent to collections, any expenses incurred trying to get this money from you will result in additional costs which you will be responsible for.