Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

"I wanted to say what a great person Darrin (Property Manager) is. He knows his stuff and is very diplomatic and nice to work with! You have a great employee there!!!!"

- Karen, Board Member

"Judy (Property Manager) works very hard for us. Thanks"

- Lou, Board Member

"My name is Peri and I am the owner of unit #6, one of the properties managed by your company.

I have been working with the local property manager Darrin about a leak from the ceiling for the last few weeks. The issue was solved my satisfaction last week.

Darrin has been very persistent about solving this and has been very helpful during this process. He is always available and very willing to help on various issues relating to the unit. I wanted to thank him and let you know his great work."

- Peri, Homeowner

"I just had a nice call from Jim (previous Management Company). He is impressed with ACM and feels the Board made a good decisions. Thank you!"

- Jennifer, Board Member

"We did make our move to ACM because of the perceived value of service that could be provided. I have not been disappointed. I am very pleased with the Customer Service Staff-they are knowledgeable and seem customer focused."

- Lenne, Board Member

"We were still able to accomplish some great things on behalf of the community...Along with ACM's knowledge and experience to help us find good vendors... I can't even imagine getting this project done under our former management company!"

- Debi, Board Member

"Let me thank you and your colleagues at ACM for the prompt and professional manner in which you alerted the Board of the issues indicated below about the late fee. Further, your firm stayed on top of the issue seeking a resolution from our C.A. On March 19, I do remember bringing up my concern about the timely payment of assessments and imposing late fees. If I may write bluntly, your firm has exceeded my expectations. Thank you, as always for your assistance!"

- Greg, Board Member

"On a side note, I would like to say how grateful this association is that you have been so involved in this process from the time of the loss through the remediation. Your quick action has helped reduce and control the loss as well as made the entire Market Street Board proud of the decision made to pursue management with ACM. Your professionalism is very much appreciated."

- Giacomo, Board Member

"Hi Nick (ACM Maintenance), I wanted to tell you how glad I am that you decided to move to ACM after the board met you earlier this Spring. After seeing your report I am even more pleased. You are detail oriented and provide a good overview of what we need. It is amazing how it is possible to spend time in the building every day and not notice many of these details that need attention. The building will be in good hands with your input."

- Carole, Homeowner