Vendor Information

ACM provides our managers and clients with a dedicated staff focused on the procurement process.  This includes support with project descriptions, specifications and bid analysis.  This ensures a thorough vetting of all proposals and a professional Vendor Cost Analysis provided to the client well before a board meeting.

A proactive approach to the bid process also allows us to secure the best pricing by ensuring our Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are distributed early in the season and grouped to take advantage of volume pricing. A key objective at ACM is to provide our Associations with the very best professional vendors. Our vendor list consists only of leading industry professionals that have agreed to follow our strict Vendor Guidelines. This is to ensure they are providing the best services and pricing for our Associations.

Vendor Ratings

Once projects are complete, Board Members and Property Managers can rate vendor performances as well as write a review about the project. Ratings and reviews are available to all Board Members. Ratings are also included in our custom Vendor Cost Analysis which is provided to Boards when bidding out large projects.