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5 Of The Most-Needed Repairs Every Property Owner Should Know About

Posted on November 26, 2018

From homeowners associations to condo/town home associations, keeping up with residents’ maintenance needs is essential. When your residents’ homes stay in good working order, you reduce the cost of emergency repairs and maintenance, while boosting property value. Here are the top five repairs property owners need to know.

  1. Running Toilet

A running toilet is not only irritating, it wastes water. By fixing a resident’s leaking toilet, you will reduce water waste and lower your bills. The most common culprit of a running toilet is the flapper. However, if the problem persists, it could be a leak, so your best bet is to bring in the pros.

To fix a flapper, remove the existing flapper and take it to the hardware store so you can find a match. Then, connect the new flapper to stop a running toilet.

  1. Patch Drywall

Drywall is commonly damaged during move-in. Other threats include children, who may kick a hole in the drywall when playing, and decorations (hanging art damages the drywall).

While minor repairs can be spackled in minutes — an easy DIY fix — you need to patch large holes. The hardest part of this is shaving the patch so it is flush with the wall for an invisible repair. For the best possible repair, get maintenance services.

  1. Free a Stuck Window

Heat, humidity and moisture are enemies of wood, so no wonder wood windows swell and become stuck in summertime. Windows also become stuck when they are painted closed or when dust is clogging the sash.

A quick fix for painted windows is to run a utility knife along the edges, cutting the paint seal. A dehumidifier can decrease humidity in summer months, improving your comfort.

If these simple fixes don’t loosen the window for your resident, call a maintenance service.

  1. Fix a Dripping Faucet

Second in annoyance only to a running toilet, this is a major water waste. Turn off the water at the valve (which is located under the sink), then call in a handyman or plumber. The most common cause is a failed washer, but faucets can also drip due to a worn O-ring near the handle or corrosion in the valve seat.

  1. Broken Garbage Disposal

“How to fix a broken garbage disposal” is one of the top searched-for home repairs. You may be able to fix this by checking the circuit breaker or pressing the unit reset button (located on the underside of the unit mechanism, under the sink). If that doesn’t fix the issue, call maintenance.

Keeping up with everything takes time, which represents money. A property management company, like ACM Community Management, can take care of all these tasks with preventative maintenance and proactive repair services. In addition to HOA maintenance, ACM Community Management takes care of interior and exterior maintenance, so you never have to worry about residents’ needs. Make your property an even better place to live and explore our community property management services today.

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