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Board Education Seminar: Ask the Professionals: City – Round Table Discussions

Posted on September 10, 2018


Running an association effectively and efficiently takes a lot of information diligently gathered by the Board of Directors through their own knowledge and through the assistance of professional partners. But how does a Board know where to find these professionals to supplement their knowledge and develop the working relationships needed to be successful at accomplishing their goals? One of these places is at the next ACM Condominium Management sponsored seminar.

Come and join the round table discussions with five well-respected industry professionals. You can sit with an attorney, an accountant, a banker, an insurance agent and an engineer and learn about and discuss various topics to assist you in being a good Board member. Bring your questions on topics such as; insurance and insurance claims, the benefits of reserve and engineering studies, bank loans and financing options, audits and best accounting practices and what was new in association law for 2018 and upcoming for 2019, or just listen and take in the experience of the presenters and the table members as you rotate between these professionals. You are guaranteed to walk-away with valuable, practical information that you will surely benefit from.

Ask the Professionals: City

Unfortunately we needed to cancel the education seminar originally scheduled to take place at our Chicago Office.

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