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Maintenance Tip: Air Duct Cleaning

Posted on October 5, 2015

Do you see the following in your home? Dirty supply and return HVAC vents covers, dark and dirty lines on the walls, ceiling or carpet that surrounds these vents, excessive dust in the home, variance in temperature or air flow throughout the home, or an increase in the energy needed to operate the HVAC system at desired settings? These are signs your ventilation system’s duct systems are dirty. This robs you of energy efficiency and money. It is also important to have your dryer vents cleaned as well on a regular basis. This not only allows your dryer to operate more efficiently but prevents dryer vent fires in your home. This Angie’s list video demonstrates the importance and procedure of duct cleaning.

Maintenance Special

Furnace Ventilation System Cleaning


  • Cleaning your entire ventilation system, including the HVAC unit blower, evaporator coil and accessible components, as well as the individual air ducts, from vent covers to the main trunk line
  • Removing all vent covers, cleaning them and re-installing them
  • Cleaning the dryer vent system of all lint and re-attaching

Special Price of $389

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