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Maintenance Tip: Inspecting Attic Insulation

Posted on November 16, 2015

Winter is coming and now is the time to consider a pre winter attic inspection. As seen in this Nebraska Energy video, there are three critical points thatneed to be part of every inspection. They are insulation, ventilation and signs of water damage. Having the proper amount and R value insulation in your attic will reduce energy costs, help reduce ice dams and keep your home more comfortable. The Department of Energy recommends R 49 to R-60.  Next is ensuring the ventilation system is adequate and functioning properly. Things to look for are properly installed insulation baffles and adequate vents. A properly ventilated attic is imperative in keeping the attic cold in the winter to prevent ice dams. Lastly, if there is evidence of water damage, the source should be identified, measures taken to repair the leak and all damaged materials replaced.

Maintenance Special
 Three point attic inspection:
ACMM will inspect the attic regarding the following three key points and provide a report with results, recommendations to rectify issues, if any, and cost of repair.
1. Insulation
2. Ventilation
3. Signs of water damage
 Cost: $150
 This is only for homeowners who are responsible for the maintenance of their attics.

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