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Manager Education-Tour of Restoration Facility

Posted on May 26, 2015

With the goal of keeping our managers and staff up-to-date and well-educated  on services we have at our disposal for the benefit of our clients, on Wednesday, May 13th, over 18 managers and management staff from ACM Community Management toured the Rolling Meadows facility of JC Restoration.

JC Restoration is a disaster recovery, mitigation, restoration and reconstruction company who, for over 25 years, has helped homes and businesses return to normal after a fire, flood, storm or other natural disaster occurs.

During our visit, our managers learned about being prepared when a disaster occurs by having competent vendors available who have been vetted and tested, when to call in a restoration company and the procedures to go through that will minimize the trauma to the effected parties and how to return the property back to normal.

ACM Community Management is dedicated to improving and expanding the knowledge of our managers through visits such as this.  ACM regularly educates all employees on the property management industry and its components, in-house and by taking advantage of the learning opportunities of the professional organizations we belong to and the vendors we know.



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