COVID-19 Closure

To our valued Community Residents,

To protect the safety of our team and all the residents in the communities we serve we have closed all three of our offices until further notice. We do still have our Customer Care team answering calls remotely but ask that during this time any non-urgent related matters be sent via e-mail. With all of our employees now working from home we have a dedicated team focused on e-mail communication which will greatly speed up homeowner communication.


For association assessment payments we ask that you please use our payment service provider CLICK-PAY to pay via e-check or with any major credit card (there is a fee for credit card/debit card transactions).

We appreciate your understanding and stay safe and healthy.

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How to Improve Attendance For Your HOA Meetings

HOA meetings offer homeowners a valuable chance to learn about issues impacting the public, get their opinions heard, and participate in building a thriving community. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, the HOA meeting seems like one more obligation they really don’t have time or interest to do. If you’ve been struggling with getting a quorum to your homeowners association meetings, learn strategies that can increase attendance and build cohesion within the HOA.


That seems obvious, but if you consider how many HOA boards only remember to advertise the meeting when required by law, then you’ll understand that many homeowners already have obligations that conflict with the HOA meeting. You’ll never know how many people want to attend yet have a conflict until you try advertising the meeting in advance.

To cast the widest net, post a message online, email homeowners and put up flyers in common areas.

Set and Share an Agenda

Homeowners are more likely to come to the meeting if they know what’s going to happen — especially if they want to share their opinion on a topic. Set and share an agenda to increase interest among the most outspoken members of your community.

Add a Social Component

By turning the HOA meeting into a social opportunity rather than a business board meeting, you’ll increase engagement and attendance.

If your HOA meeting is taking place during lunch or dinnertime, have food available.

Explain Your Why

Have you made the case for why homeowners should come to the meeting? If you need a quorum to decide on community improvements, then get out there and explain why community members should participate.

For example, if you know that residents really enjoyed the summer barbecue your HOA hosted, show how the HOA meeting allows community members to get involved with social engagement opportunities and plan events. When people know why you want them to come and how they can help, they are more likely to attend.

Have a Giveaway

This may seem really gimmicky, but it can work if you feel like you tried other options and failed to boost attendance. You don’t have to give away something huge. It could be a gift card to the supermarket, a VIP parking pass or a gift basket of local ingredients.

Survey HOA Members

If attendance is low, despite trying several ways to boost HOA meeting attendance, it could be the time and date that are keeping people from attending. While you may be holding the HOA meeting at a time that works for committee members, you will never have great attendance if that time is a conflict for the people you’re trying to engage.

Send a scheduling survey, then see what times and days of the week work best for the majority of homeowners. By switching the event to a different night and including the strategies mentioned, you may finally get the great turnout of which you’ve dreamed.

HOA meetings may not be top priority among every resident — that’s just the nature of things. However, you should see better attendance when you use these techniques, allowing engaged residents to make your HOA the best it can be.