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HOA Management In Chicago

Why Choose ACM HOA Management Services?

We know you have your choice of HOA management companies around Chicago. We believe our experience, attention to detail and focus sets us apart from other HOA property management companies. We focus exclusively on the professional management of town home, condominium and single family associations. We do not work with rental properties, only with homeowner communities that are passionate about keeping their community running smoothly and maintaining a high degree of resident satisfaction.

We offer the following HOA management services:

  • CUSTOMER CARE: We provide dedicated customer care because we know your residents deserve it. Our phone team takes calls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our customer care team is able to resolve most issues right away, and provides follow-up care when necessary.
  • ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: We perform HOA accounting and financial management, so your board members always have updated information regarding expenses, bills and savings. Let us take care of the accounting and deliver regular reports to your stakeholders.
  • MAINTENANCE: Seasonal maintenance services keep your managed property looking its best year-round. Whether it’s landscaping, snow removal, waste management or other maintenance, our prescreened vendors deliver timely and cost effective service for your convenience.
  • ONLINE SERVICES: Our convenient online portal makes it easy for homeowners, members of the board of directors, managers and other personnel to access needed information, file requests and report problems. Our online portal is easy to set up, easy to use, and will increase your resident satisfaction.

Our ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES are comprehensive and flexible to support the structure of your HOA, condo association or town home community. Rather than one-size-fits-all community management, we tailor our services because we know every HOA community has unique needs.

What Services Do Chicago Condo Management Companies Provide?

At ACM Community Management, we scale our condominium property management services to meet your needs, whether you are a small, medium or large condo association. Our core services include association management for condos, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR CONDOS and physical maintenance.

Condo Association Management

Our condo association management services focus on increasing the value of your investment in your property. Let ACM Community Management use economies of scale to decrease your expenditures and increase profits, reduce liability and streamline revenue.

Condo Financial Management

Our financial management services keep your accounts stable and up to date, allowing you to always understand the financial health of your condominium association. These services include electronic bill management, homeowner assessment collection, property tax appeal services, budget preparation and comprehensive financial reporting. Within all of these areas, ACM Community Management offers timely and efficient service that allows you to understand your condominium’s financial position, make smart decisions, and increase the return on your investment.

Condo Prevantative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for condominiums is key to long-term financial success. All maintenance-related issues and suggestions are provided to the board. Our condominium managers work with ACM’s building services and accounting staff to ensure that long-term capital reserves are sufficient and utilized to the best benefit of the association.

When servicing the community, ACM Community Management’s in-house MAINTENANCE TEAM provides efficient and cost-effective services. ACM crews are on the street seven days a week to service the maintenance needs of our clients.

High-Rise Condo Management

ACM Community Management focuses on the unique needs of high-rise condominiums including preventative maintenance services, management of amenities, package tracking, emergency procedures and the training and oversight of on-site staff . We keep the physical premises maintained inside and out, taking care of your buildings systems, common areas and seasonal maintenance. Needed repairs are made quickly to avoid disrupting residents’ lives. Our team is ready to respond to emergencies seven days a week.

Condo financial management helps the high-rise respond to changing needs by increasing financial transparency. With electronic bill pay, homeowner assessments and comprehensive reporting, your high-rise can stay on top of finances and plan for the future without spending a lot of time tracking down information.

Our team is highly motivated to provide excellent customer service and proactive maintenance for your Chicago high-rise. Our clients love the value we add for residents, who report very high satisfaction rates.

Choose ACM To Manage Your Condo Community

When it comes to condo management companies, Chicago property owners have choices, so why choose ACM Community Management?

We have a reputation for excellence in service, honed by over 30 years in business. We are locally owned and service over 150 associations in the Chicago area. All of our employees are carefully selected for attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and outstanding customer service. Your condominium association will benefit from our experience and commitment when you choose us for your condo property management needs.

We feel confident you’ll love our services, so why not call for a quote? To learn more about our condominium management services, or to get started, please CONTACT ACM COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT today.