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The Benefits Of Property Management Accounting

ACM Community Management understands that financial stability is a primary concern for every community we manage. Having accurate information about the current financial state of your community association allows your board to make timely decisions that help boost the return on every homeowner’s property investment. ACM’s property financial service is built on a core belief that we must provide expertise that enhances long-term value while ensuring that our clients are well versed in every nuance of financial management. By providing full accounting services, our company provides you with a clearer picture of your community’s financial future. You can stay on top of your property management strategies so you can reach your goals to keep residents happy and enhance their property values.

Property Management Budgeting

Most associations and property financial management companies typically take the previous year’s costs with some escalation to create the current budget. Our experience has shown that this could lead to disastrous results. Our system always begins with a good understanding of our clients’ short- and long-term visions for their communities. Utilizing reserve studies, an analysis of long-term capital requirements, future cash flow projections and cost trends, ACM will work with you to develop a financial plan that best meets your requirements.

Financial Reporting

ACM prepares financial reports customized for your community, including income statements, balance sheets, general ledgers, budget comparisons, delinquency reports, cash disbursement reports and vendor history reports. ACM is committed to providing timely and accurate financial statements within 10 to 20 days of month end.

Assessment Collection

ACM offers a professional web page for each homeowner where they can check their current balance, review their general ledger account and make assessment payments. For those who prefer not to utilize this web-based system, ACM offers the more traditional coupon books and bank lockbox system.

Electronic Bill Payment

  • All invoices are scanned and available for board members to view, 24/7.
  • Viewing and approval of invoices from any device with Internet access using a secure log-in
  • Tracks every action that is taken on an invoice; including approvals, rejections, notes and date stamps
  • Eliminates handling and mail routing for payment approval
  • Easily create reports by vendor, due date and status

Property Tax Appeal Services

In addition to our property management accounting services, ACM provides access to property tax appeal services that benefit our clients’ homeowners. Homeowners can evaluate real estate assessments for every property in their community so they can take the actionable steps to file appeals, understand the appeal process, and track any refunds after reaching a resolution.

Our recordkeeping processes and attention to detail repeatedly draw praise from the independent certified public accounting firms that audit our records on behalf of our clients. Take advantage of the full range of property management accounting and property tax appeal services provided by ACM. When you learn more about the financial processes involved in managing properties, you will be able to make the timely and smart decisions that increase property values in your community.

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