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Why Have An HOA Website?

Investing in a management company that offers a website for your homeowners association is an upfront cost that more than pays your HOA back over time. You’ll see an immediate decrease in printing and mailing expenses when you switch to web notification and communication with residents.

Many HOA communities also see an increase in member participation — including informal discussions, event attendance and committee participation. When members can stay up to date with HOA information 24/7 online, they are more likely to stay connected and become involved.

It saves time when you can put everything residents need to know online, where they can find important information at any time. If your community manager is spending a significant portion of time answering the same questions from residents, there’s a better way to share needed information. When your website helps your community manager and board communicate with residents and shaves tasks off their to-do list, your HOA can accomplish so much more.

Intuitive, Easy-To-Use HOA Website Software

Your HOA website should serve as the information portal for all residents, board members, committees and more. Yet if your website is difficult to update or poorly organized, no one will want to use it. Why repeat yourself emailing HOA community members information that could be found on your website. Responding to phone calls, or having lengthy meetings? Instead, re-organize your website to serve your community via our easy-to-use intuitive homeowners association website services.

Our secure web host makes the perfect online resources portal for all HOA documents, forms, policies and committee meetings. Public-facing frequently asked questions, rules and news help to market your HOA. This, in turn, attracts homeowners who are eager to be part of your community. Since you can select whether to make information public or private, ACM can customize the website to serve your HOA as your needs change.

Board-Only HOA Website Features

We know that some information is best kept private, which is why we offer “Board Only” components in our HOA website software.

Board members can access all of the typical resident benefits as well as dedicated “Board Only” tools, such as:

  • Board Meeting Documents
  • HOA Financials
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Contact Information
  • Account Balance
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Violations
  • Alerts Dashboard

Board members can review information for every HOA member, so they can take action regarding any problems. Board members can also request for their manager to create alerts that go out to all residents, for a simple and proactive way to manage emergency notifications. Whether it’s to remind residents of a change in policies or notify homeowners of an emergency maintenance visit, alerts take the pain out of urgent messaging.

Board members have their own discussion portal that’s kept private from residents. They also enjoy calendaring privileges, and can request their property manager create HOA events.

Your residents expect to find answers to questions, pay bills and stay up to date online. If you don’t have a website, you aren’t offering your residents what they need and want.

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