Certified Property Managers
Certified Property Managers

A successful property management company is only as good as the individual property manager or community manager supporting its clients. To attract and retain high-quality staff, companies need to take the personnel hiring process seriously, then provide their employees with the tools, knowledge and skills to excel at all aspects of COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT.

At ACM Community Management, we hire only licensed community association manager candidates who have the knowledge, education and hands-on experience to represent our company positively. What’s more, we expect our managers to uphold our mission of providing the highest-quality service to TOWNHOME, CONDO and residential communities. Learn more about how we select community managers and equip them for success, which benefits your privately owned association.

Our Community Managers' Customer Service Skills

CUSTOMER SERVICE is the heart of property management. Not only are community managers dealing one on one with homeowners, they also provide support to your board. Laws affecting community management change often. Your board relies upon its property manager to provide sound counsel, notify it of any changes to regulations, and summarize issues it must consider. At ACM Community Management, we screen for qualities like personality, accountability, clear communication skills, organization, flexibility and positive attitude. We know these qualities help our personnel succeed on the job, love what they do and reduce the risks facing your community.

Continuing Education And Licensure

ACM Community Management makes sure all of our property managers become licensed community managers in Illinois. We are proud to have on board two Professional Community Association Managers (PCAMs), several Certified Managers of Community Associations (CMCAs), and many employees who passed the Community Associations Institute course. Not only do we support licensure, we provide our staff with professional development opportunities. We regularly bring in guest speakers who impart the latest wisdom on PROPERTY MAINTENANCE, legal, insurance, FINANCES, auditing and more. We know this helps our managers provide the best service to our clients and gives us a competitive edge over community association service providers.

Hands-On Training For Each Community Association Manager

Our property managers wear a lot of hats. Some of the functions our managers typically perform include regular site inspections, e-report generation, production of monthly management report packages, meeting with vendors and contractors, attending project status and board meetings, and keeping the board focused and results-oriented. Community association managers also juggle multiple vendors and contractors who keep other aspects of the property up to date. It takes people skills, attention to detail, clear communication and multitasking to keep on top of these different service personnel. To help our managers succeed across these tasks, we provide hands-on training and support, so they can excel at serving your community.

If you want a community manager who is at the top of his or her profession, choose ACM Community Management. To learn more about our community managers, or receive a quote for services, REQUEST INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE or call 630-620-1133 today.